Augmented Reality Explained

Augmented Reality Explained

What do teachers, architects and even psychologists have in common? They can all gain and learn tremendously from Augmented Reality (AR).

As the old bromide goes, “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful”.  Though old, this saying fits AR perfectly.

Augmented reality uses the existing natural environment and overlays virtual details on top of it. The power of this combination is at its infancy and just being tapped.  From assisting surgeons to be coherent at surgeries, to assisting architects in design analysis.

For instance, Casa Batlo buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi, uses AR to create an experience of Casa Batlo as the designer originally intended. The video-guide device initiates AR to engage with the tourist and creates for them a perception of what Antoni Gaudi had planned for them to see. This sophisticated technology, by augmenting the elements, creates an “ignis fatuus” experience for the user. 

The power of AR is in its ability to impose enhanced elements without exaggerating or substituting the real elements. It merges what's real and what's computer-generated into a technology that blends two concepts into one with computer graphics. Anyone that experiences AR can easily come to one resounding conclusion; “this technology is really cool”.

If "augmented" is to mean anything increased or made better, then AR can be implied as a form of virtual reality where the real world is augmented through the use of virtual elements. Simplified, AR is a computer- generated world which integrates both virtual and real world.

In the gaming world, AR is the icing on the cake to most gamers, with its near reality like feeling and experience. A profound technology that immerses you in way not possible and never experienced before.

However, gaming is the tip of the iceberg, the business and social applications of AR is in their infancy. The real impact is only just starting to be felt.

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