Augmented Reality Explained

Augmented Reality Explained

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is currently enjoying a rapid rise to prominence.  Augmented reality (AR) is the expansion of physical reality by adding layers of computer-generated information to an individual's perception of the real environment. It is built on decades of research, computers and electronics. This application depends upon image recognition.

Although still a relatively new technology, AR could potentially have a big impact on our everyday lives – ranging from day-to-day activities like purchasing decisions to vehicle repairs to medical surgeries. Every object that exists in real life can be enriched with additional and valuable information.  Augmented reality represents a new type of real-time natural user interface for human interaction with objects and digital devices. Information can be translated as any virtual object or content, including text, graphics, video, sound, haptic feedback, GPS data, and even smell. From science fiction to real-life industry applications, AR harnesses the potential to enrich our real environment by overlaying context specific, computer-generated information to our line of sight.

Augmented reality can have a significant impact on organisations that are dependent on smart technologies, improving processes and increasing productivity. Typically, innovative new solutions must be applied, tested and re-designed before they can be safely rolled-out. Augmented reality, however, enables organisations to test technologies virtually before launching them and therefore reducing the risk of errors and failures in advance.

Technologies like AR can also be used to increase efficiency. New ways of displaying and presenting information will make business operations more accurate and more efficient in a host of situations. The technology is a replicable solution for customers, allowing faster and easier implementation in their operations, helping them to benefit from productivity gains with increased speed of operations and better accuracy. The power and flexibility of augmented reality enable various customisations according to specific industry needs, running on all used platforms.

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