Dynamic Cloud Security Explained

Dynamic Cloud Security Explained

Dynamic cloud security is a single set of solutions consisting of various technologies that provide security across a multi-cloud environment, from the data centre to different cloud infrastructures that an organisation may have.

This approach is taken to further improve security in the cloud-centric era as opposed to security solutions that are not integrated with each other. Dynamic cloud security provides a single environment that has visibility and defines consistent security policies throughout the entire infrastructure to effectively manage risk.

Especially today, where organisations increasingly rely on cloud services and infrastructures for their varied IT needs, dynamic cloud security poses to be a more appropriate and effective approach for this new reality. Multi-cloud adoption exposes organisations to a wider attack surface, and to add to that, it makes securing the corporate environment as a whole more complex and difficult due to several reasons. This includes security management silos it may create and the need for mitigating advanced threats continuously without slowing down throughput or hindering the ability to meet network service-level agreements (SLAs).

Basic firewall capabilities are no longer good enough, which is why more effective solutions such as dynamic cloud security are necessary.

Multiple clouds require unified management and security – which a dynamic cloud security platform can provide. Dynamic cloud security solutions and technologies are able to:

  • Use optimal connections to route application traffic for reliability and performance
  • Leverage high-bandwidth internet connections to lower costs
  • Get visibility across the entire network infrastructure
  • Balance workloads across separate public and private clouds
  • Enforce consistent network and security policies across multiple clouds

In this dynamic, hybrid multi-cloud environment, security architects must figure out how to establish coherent security operations and practices. Platforms such Fortinet Dynamic Cloud Security Solutions can help organisations achieve that.

Fortinet Dynamic Cloud Security Solutions secures three important aspects in your multi-cloud environment: platform, application, and network.

With FortiCWP, organisations can leverage the public cloud management API to monitor activity and configuration of multiple cloud resources. Additionally, it provides consistent compliance reporting across multi-cloud environments and streamlined incident investigation.

With advanced application layer security controls, organisations can choose cloud platforms based on their business priorities, not security limitations. Additionally, Fortinet secures network connectivity across different locations to abstract physical boundaries while protecting the confidentiality of communications.

To learn more how you can have a dynamic cloud security for your environment, click here.

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