Wi-fi Phishing Explained

Wi-fi Phishing Explained

Wifi Phishing is when cyber criminals create a malicious WiFi access point that appears similar or identical to a legitimate WiFi access point. This malicious WiFi access point is sometimes known as the "evil twin". 

Unsuspecting users can be fooled into connecting to the malicious WiFI point in the belief it is the legitimate connection.

Once connected to the cyber criminals' network, the user will still have an internet connection, but the criminal has access to that user’s system.

Because of the open access that wireless networks offer, securing the platform from phishing and many other attacks becomes difficult. Individuals who are not aware of proper security protocols when accessing a WiFi connection, will easily be made a victim to phishing attacks.

Cyber Criminals looking to target a specific organisation can discover the names of WiFi access points for that corporation and create phishing WFi points that aim to fool employees from that specific company into connecting.
In order to protect themselves from these attacks, both individuals and organisations need to look at adopting some basic preventive steps such as-

-2 factor authentications.

-Protection against Man-in the-Middle attacks

-Protection against Rogue attacks

-Protection against Evil Twin attacks

To know more about how to better protect yourself or your organisation from WiFi phishing, click this link

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