Hybrid Workforce Explained

Hybrid Workforce Explained

When the pandemic was at its peak, industries considered to be non-essential resorted to remote working. As regulations were loosened, some of these remote workers weren’t keen on returning to early morning traffic jams and the hassle of going into the office. Many organisations have opted to implement a hybrid working model to stay competitive. A hybrid workforce is a group of employees who are given the flexibility to work remotely, in the office, or combine the two. 

Organisations that chose to implement this model not only did so at the request of their employees, but for their own benefit as well. The hybrid working model provides employee satisfaction, increased productivity, fewer expenses, and the ability to hire talent from all around the globe, among many others. 

But this flexibility comes at a high cost. As workers work beyond the bounds of the office network and begin integrating personal devices, ensuring that an organisation stays cybersecure becomes even more complex. Instead of the old castle-and-moat security model, enterprises are now utilising the Zero-Trust framework as expanding data access points become security risks. 

According to the BlackBerry® 2021 Threat Report, organisations should be securing remote infrastructure and mobile technology. Depending solely on a VPN is not a wise security decision as cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated and understand the vulnerability of a VPN as a funnel for protected data in a single location. 

Nowadays, external threats aren’t the only things that businesses have to fret over; sometimes, the danger can come from within the organisation. So, it might not be the best idea to give all your employees access to the company’s essential data. What employees need access to are just the things that can help them execute their jobs. 

BlackBerry supports organisations employing a hybrid working model by securing access to critical resources and applications. BlackBerry® Gateway makes implementing AI-empowered Zero Trust Network Access simple and delivers a fast, reliable connection to improve the end-user experience and productivity. When combined with BlackBerry® Protect Mobile, organisations can enhance their security posture, safeguarding endpoints and network connections to on-premises and SaaS resources.

Check out the full BlackBerry 2021 Threat Report to better understand the security struggles organisations face amid the new working models, and how to overcome them.


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