Managed Data Protection Provider Explained

Managed Data Protection Provider Explained

Data Protection is a set of measures taken to ensure that a company’s data is reliably recoverable on demand. Acquiring data protection services is fast becoming a norm for an IT organisation. 


Businesses nowadays hire data protection providers to ensure that their data is secured and can easily be restored in case of any unforeseen disasters. A managed data protection provider must offer various capabilities for data and service availability, redundancy and replication that can meet different business requirements. Below are some of the most important criteria when gauging a potential managed data protection provider:


1. Longevity: Choose a data protection provider that has been around and has a proven reputation when it comes to managed data protection services. A company needs to be assured that they are entrusting their valuable data to a third-party company that knows what to do. 


2. Sufficient reserved resources: In case of an unforeseen disaster, the managed data protection provider must have sufficient resources like storage and memory resources and network bandwidth which will be used for recovery.


3. Expertise: Companies outsource their data protection solutions to a third-party company because they want experts to handle it. When choosing a managed data protection provider, a company must ensure that the data protection provider can and will provide expert IT professionals to handle the data protection requirements of the business. 


4. End-to-end security and data protection: Choose a data protection provider that provides detection of potential threats, prevention of new attacks and gives full data recovery. Not only backup and recovery, the managed data protection provider should also provide other services like archiving, replication and disaster recovery. 


5. Provides flexible plans: Managed data protection providers should provide flexible plans based on a usage model so that the client pays for only what they need. It should also be backed by robust service level agreements (SLAs).


Data loss occurs for various reasons, from natural disasters and system failures, human error to malicious activities and other unforeseen circumstances that bring downtime to a company’s IT infrastructure. Long data outages and downtime can threaten a business. Businesses lose a significant amount of money during these downtimes.


In order to protect data, a company needs a comprehensive data protection solution that will backup and recover data across any and all environments, provide proven and advanced technology to enable more secure backups and full systems restores, have data and systems up and running soon after any outages, and enable easy and seamless management via a unified interface. One company that develops software to allow MSPs to provide managed data protection offerings is Datto. Datto offers total data protection; that means protecting and securing a company’s data wherever it may be, on-premise, in virtualised environments, in the cloud or even in transit. With these offerings, companies can continue business as usual even after a data miss happens.


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