Managed Service Provider Explained

Managed Service Provider Explained

With today’s rapidly evolving technology, IT support needs and a growing dependence on digital data, it is increasingly difficult and time consuming for businesses to manage their own IT infrastructure. More and more businesses are hiring managed service providers (MSP) to manage their technology needs. MSPs provide IT services to companies that want to get rid of the hassle and the excess cost in dealing with their in-house technology. Since most systems today can be managed using the internet, MSPs can remotely monitor, secure and support their clients’ IT systems.  An IT organisation and its chosen MSP are bound by a contract that contains the cost, service level agreement (SLA) and other metrics.

An integral part of an IT company’s strategy is to achieve quality leadership in the IT industry. To do so, they must ensure that they partner with the best-in-class service providers and that the tools they use to run their business are also of high quality. To be industry leading in terms of service quality, an IT organisation requires an MSP who can deliver industry leading services at the lowest possible risk.

Why do companies hire an MSP?

On-demand Support – MSPs provide immediate support in case something happens to the systems that they manage. When critical issues happen, support is just a phone call or email away.

Savings on Time, Money and Space – When a company has an MSP to manage their IT infrastructure, there is no need to hire additional staff for all their IT requirements. A business can save money on salaries and other excess cost, not to mention more office space for revenue-generating employees.

Easy IT Expenses and Billing – Businesses get services and support as a part of one package, making planning and budgeting much easier. Packages are also flexible, so the company gets and pays for only what they need.

Knowledge and Expertise – It’s impossible for one person to be an expert with all the technologies available today. By hiring an MSP, businesses get to experience the expertise of an entire IT department making it easier for them to maximise the potential of their IT system. It also gives them assurance that they can handle unforeseen IT related issues.

Proactive Management – Rather than wait for something to go wrong in an IT system, an MSP will monitor the company’s system and anticipate problems before they even happen. This will minimise and even eliminate unforeseen downtime. Less downtime leads to more productivity.

For MSPs to be successful, they have to choose the right vendor for their business. Data protection and disaster recovery are two key features that MSPs provide. Datto technologies allow SIs, VARs and existing MSPs to develop their own managed service offerings that cover both of these features. Datto protects business data for many growing companies worldwide, keeping and managing their IT infrastructure systems online 24/7. From business continuity and disaster recovery to networking and cyber security, Datto technologies deliver continuous access to business data onsite and transit to the cloud for an even more secure backup.

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