Managed XDR Explained

Managed XDR Explained

Cybersecurity is critical in this digital world, and Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is cybersecurity adapting to the ever-evolving needs of the modern network. One of these needs is to secure every security layer, from endpoints to emails and everything in between.

Managed XDR secures all these layers by taking XDR and elevating it. By itself, XDR is a unified approach to detecting threats and responding to them. It automatically collects detections and data from across different security layers, producing a superset of information that, when correlated, helps hasten and enhance threat detection. This enables security analysts to investigate incidents quickly and to take action immediately.

All these capabilities are present in Managed XDR but operated via managed services. Meaning that the day-to-day implementation of XDR is handled by a third-party provider, whose professional expertise augments an organisation’s threat detection, investigation, response and hunting efforts. In other words, Managed XDR is the seamless interplay between two IT ideals: That of managed services and XDR, as shown below:

Leveraging technical know-how from highly trained professionals is the most obvious benefit of leveraging Managed XDR. But other benefits of using Managed XDR include:

  • Transfer of knowledge to close skills gaps.

  • Holistic telemetry that spans the entire IT environment.

  • 24 x 7 coverage of the organisation’s full IT ecosystem.

  • Actionable cyber threat intelligence.

  • Reduced cost of ownership.

  • More efficient prioritisation of cybersecurity alerts.

  • Advanced threat identification and remediation.

  • Access to deep security and threat prevention expertise.

  • Automatic cybersecurity framework mapping.

These benefits make Managed XDR ideal for small- and mid-sized businesses that for the most part lack the financial capacity and IT expertise to deploy and manage a mature cybersecurity strategy on their own. It is also perfect for enterprises that prefer their IT focused on business-specific tasks but are nonetheless looking to implement a robust cybersecurity architecture.  

It is imperative, however, that organisations be discriminating when choosing their Managed XDR solution to maximise its transformative benefits. This is where CylanceGUARD comes in. CylanceGUARD is Blackberry’s subscription-based Managed XDR offering, manned by expert analysts who serve as your IT team’s extension. CylanceGUARD correlates telemetry across an organisation’s entire IT network and provides actionable intelligence to prevent threats in near real-time and reduce alert fatigue. It also checks all the boxes of a truly exceptional Managed XDR:

  • With a proven, verifiable track record of preventing real-world threats.

  • With years of experience dealing with multiple evolutions of cyber threats and strong expertise in network, mobile and endpoint security.

  • With an exemplary level of service that provides 24/7 protection on all 365 days of the year.

Managed XDR is an upgrade over XDR, and CylanceGUARD is an enhancement of this upgrade. And between the growing number of threats and the increasing costs of fighting them, this solution might just be the one your organisation needs right now.

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