NetApp All Flash Guarantee Explained

NetApp All Flash Guarantee Explained

Already a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State Arrays, NetApp all-flash systems are well known to be able to deliver optimal efficiency using state-of-the-art data reduction, including inline compression, deduplication, and compaction.

This dramatically improves the data centre economics in various ways. With just 4U of rack space, NetApp delivers over 1PB of capacity which would normally take up much more rack space when using standard hard disk drives. 

The NetApp Flash Advantage then further takes the risk out of modernizing your infrastructure with flash storage. They guarantee data reduction of up to 5:1 based on workloads and required capacities.  The guaranteed effective capacity not only reduces cost per GB but also improves efficiency.

NetApp will cover any shortfall with additional solid-state drives and that applies to All Flash FAS systems, including the AFF8040, AFF8080, AFF A200, AFF A300, AFF A700, and AFF A700s products, and SolidFire systems including SF4805, SF9605, and SF19210 products. The strategy is designed to break down the barriers to flash adoption so customers can realise the promise of an all-flash data centre by simple and affordable means and without risk.

NetApp is able to achieve this by consolidating workloads on high-density, energy efficient all-flash storage arrays that are capable of reducing storage footprint by up to 19 times.

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