Next Generation Firewall Explained

Next Generation Firewall Explained

What is A Next Generation Firewall?

Next Generation Firewall Explained.

A Next Generation Firewall serves the purpose of existing traditional firewalls and (as you might expect) also provides a range of features that are designed to deal with more modern threats that traditional firewalls were not able to prevent.

Next Generation Firewalls should and do provide a suite of protection capabilities that you would expect to see in traditional firewalls including:


- Packet Filtering

- Network Address Translation

- Port Address Translation

- URL Blocking


In addition, Next Generation Firewalls deliver a newer set of capabilities such as:

- Deep packet inspection, to actually understand what threat might be hidden with network traffic.

- Application level inspection to understand threats that may manifest through applications themselves.

- Intrusion prevention, actually stooping malware before it enters the network

- Integration with threat intelligence services which can help effectiveness to unearth Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).

- They can operate in traditional routed mode or transparent mode where they sit in the network simply scanning packets.


Ultimately the goal of a Next Generation Firewall is to inspect more layer of the OSI network stack, thereby improving the filtering and security monitoring of network traffic and network packet contents.

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