Private Cloud Storage Explained

Private Cloud Storage Explained

Private cloud storage is an approach in cloud storage wherein a dedicated cloud infrastructure is assigned to only one organisation, which can be located inside the company’s own premises or data centre or hosted by a third-party service provider. Private cloud storage is also known as internal cloud storage.

Compared to storage on a public cloud, which provides services to numerous clients, private cloud storage is used exclusively by only one organisation or “tenant”. As such, an organisation that leverages private cloud storage is able to customise the hardware and software according to its specific requirements.

Private cloud storage comes with similar benefits as the public cloud. Businesses can enjoy greater elasticity and scalability of their storage, albeit at a smaller scale. This is because a private cloud storage infrastructure is designed to cater to a single organisation instead of thousands or even millions of different tenants, as is the case with the public cloud. The scalability of your storage in the private cloud is limited by the amount of infrastructure that you have.

Nevertheless, it gives businesses greater control over their infrastructure and data, such as in terms of access and security. This is especially important if they are required to keep sensitive or business-critical data on-site due to compliance, security or regulatory reasons.

Costs are predictable. Since the cloud storage infrastructure is built for and owned by a single organisation, there won’t be surprises or major fluctuations in monthly costs. However, private cloud storage involves high initial investment to build the cloud infrastructure, as well as the resources to maintain it.

In order to ensure successful implementation, businesses have to modernise their infrastructure because private cloud storage is not about expanding traditional storage methods with connectivity. You need the right strategy as well as a reliable private cloud platform. IBM’s Private Cloud Storage Solutions, for instance, were designed to help businesses build powerful, agile and secure storage so that they can accelerate their journey to private cloud.

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks is especially powerful as it is a software-defined, enterprise-ready data services platform that can become the foundation of your private cloud storage. IBM storage unifies your traditional storage as well as more modernised container storage approaches to give you the cloud-native agility, reliability and security you need for your private cloud storage.

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