Red Hat Gluster Storage Explained

Red Hat Gluster Storage Explained

Red Hat Gluster Storage? Red Hat Gluster Storage is an open, software defined scale-out storage platform to easily manage unstructured data for physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Red Hat Gluster Storage combines both file and object storage with a scale-out architecture, designed to cost-effectively store and manage petabyte-scale data growth. Red Hat Gluster Storage delivers a continuous storage fabric across physical, virtual, and cloud resources so customers can transform their big, semi-structured, and unstructured data from a burden to an asset.

It can be configured to run in public cloud, on premise, virtualized environments and containers.

It also supports various industry standard protocols NFS, CIFS, Fuse and object storage.

It has built in redundancy that means it protects data as standard by making multiple copies of each file across the clustered servers and also supports advanced data protection methods like erasure coding.

It does not have any metadata servers and uses an elastic hashing algorithm to remove normal limitations of a file system, meaning that it can cope no matter how large the stored data set becomes – in theory it has unlimited scalability that is well beyond the capability of a normal file system.

It can provide storage for applications running in bare metal, virtualization , cloud and container platform.

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