Security Posture Explained

Security Posture Explained

Security posture is a measure of the cybersecurity strength of an organisation’s network, information, and systems. This includes an enterprise’s threat management and response capabilities in the event of an attack. As an organisation’s cybersecurity posture isn’t static, having a solid security posture indicates that an organisation has taken the necessary precautionary measures to detect, prevent, and respond to attacks in the current threat landscape. 

How to Determine Your Security Posture

Part of strengthening an organisation’s security posture is knowing which problems to address. Security Posture Assessments (SPA) are specially created to take stock of an organisation’s cybersecurity efforts. The assessment results should inform organisations of the following steps they must take to strengthen their security posture. These assessments give enterprises a better overview to create a comprehensive cybersecurity roadmap that integrates their future business plans. 

Knowing the state of your security posture and how to strengthen it is essential as the threat landscape today has gotten more intense with the increased sophistication of cybercriminals. Being prepared means preventing monetary losses and losses of client trust. 

Along with knowing the state of organisational security, there are other ways to strengthen your security posture. Things like prioritising risk, educating workers, and having an incident management plan can go far to reinforce your cybersecurity posture. In terms of technology, automation of threat detection and remediation can assist you in the long haul. 

Before you decide to invest in a security solution, you may want to ask yourself the questions in this BlackBerry infographic: Ten Questions to Ask When Assessing a Next-Gen Endpoint Security Solution.

Having a solid security posture is essential in an age where one tiny slip-up can cause organisations to be breached by cybercriminals. Enterprises as a whole must play a part in securing company data as leaving it all in the hands of the IT team is highly irresponsible. In 2021 alone, the number of attacks on organisations has been astounding. To learn more about the threats organisations face and lessons learned, head on over to the BlackBerry® 2021 Threat Report.


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