Workflow Automation Explained

Workflow Automation Explained

As technology continues to innovate the way we do things, the future of work will be automated. As the automation of physical and knowledge work advances, many jobs will be redefined rather than eliminated. Hence, it is important to note that workflow automation is only to improve employee efficiency and not replace them.

Workflow automation refers to the customised design, execution and automation of processes based on the workflow of employees. The automated processes can include human tasks, data or files that are routed between people or systems based on pre-defined business rules. By leveraging self-operating processes that run manual tasks, workflow automation helps businesses save time and costs, reduce errors and boost productivity.

In its simplest form, workflow automation digitises a paper-based process. Take the example of a waiter writing your order on a pad, ripping the page and sticking it on a wall in the kitchen for the chef to read. This can be replaced by online forms accessible on a mobile phone that is automatically fed to a screen that the chef looks at. Workflow automation can improve things; For example, adding a timer that shows how long each guest has been waiting since placing their order is a digitised element that can improve the total workflow.

Be it the human resources, marketing or finance departments, workflow automation works best for employees who spend a considerable amount of time doing a lot of paperwork. Companies can reduce the number of manual tasks performed by these employees with workflow automation, which in turn allows them to work on more critical tasks.

With the software automating tasks, businesses will also be able to achieve more consistent results and reduce the risk of errors. Some workflow automation processes are even able to measure KPIs and performance of staff, ensuring a fairer and more stringent workflow environment.

Joget Workflow is an open-source Low-Code web based workflow software that can do this. Joget empowers businesses to build web applications to suit their every need. By identifying and customising the processes that businesses want to automate, workflow automation can improve the overall efficiency of the workforce.

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